Tourists Attractions and Things to Do in Meru National Park Kenya

Located about 350kms from Nairobi city East of Meru, Meru National Park is one of the best places in Kenya tourists should consider a must-visit. The 870sq.kms Meru National Park was created in 1968 and it is one of the very few untapped destinations. While on Meru National Park safari, tourists have plenty of opportunities to explore and experience.

The park’s popularity dates back to Joy Adamson and her husband George Adamson era- they reared an orphaned lioness known as Elsa. There are several tourist activities to do while in Meru National Park and among these include the following;

Wildlife viewing

Game/Wildlife viewing is with no doubt the biggest attraction of all Meru National Park safaris. While on a safari in Meru National Park, the big five game is a major attraction to explore and experience. The park prides itself as a home to cheetahs, rhinos, elephants, leopards, hartebeest, reticulated giraffes, buffaloes, hippos, hartebeests, gravy’s and plain zebras to mention but a few.

A variety of wildlife in Meru National Park can be spotted roaming in the splendid landscape and there is a chance to watch lots of hippos, crocodiles especially around the Riverbanks of Tana River, Bisanadi, and Rojerwero. On a big game safari, you enjoy not only magical wildlife encounters but also breathtaking views of snowcapped flanks of Mt. Kenya at a distance.


Birding is another incredible adventure experience Meru National Park has to offer nature lovers. For any avid birder, Meru has a list of interesting bird species (about 400 bird species) worth spotting in their different habitats including the thick riverine forests, swamps, acacia woodland and more.

The birds of Meru National Park include kori bustard, Maasai ostriches, martial eagle, guinea fowl, African finfoot, palm weavers, secretary birds, Boran cisticola, fish eagle, wattled starling.

Meru Rhino Sanctuary Tour

Over 80 black and white rhinos in Meru National Park are confined within the rhino sanctuary. A visit to the Meru rhino sanctuary is a great opportunity to have in-depth learning about rhino behaviors and their conservation. The presence of rhinoceros makes Meru National Park an ultimate big five game destination.

Tour Adamson Falls and Elsa the Lioness grave

Meru National Park gained its fame way back after Joy Adamson and Elsa’s award-winning book born fire and while on tour, it is possible to pay a visit to the lioness gravesite. This will offer you an in-depth understanding of history, take an exceptional bushwalk in the untapped wilderness characterized by the rugged landscape.

Fishing safaris

Meru National Park is naturally endowed with several rivers running across it. This offers plentiful fishing opportunities along the river banks for you to catch fish species like tilapia, barbell, catfish, and more.

Cultural tours

Other than wildlife encounters, visitors can also supplement their game viewing experiences with cultural safaris. The cultural walks to local communities grant a chance to enthusiastic cultural lovers to explore different lifestyles, traditions, cultures, practices in the Kamba, Orma, Borana pastoralist communities.

When to visit Meru National Park Kenya

A visit to Meru National Park Kenya is possible at any time of the year, month, or day. But, the dry season from June, July, August to September offers the best time or favorable conditions for wildlife or game viewing. Huge wildlife crowds are often recorded or spotted in most of the water holes during these drier months of the year.

The rainy seasons between March, April, and May or October, November also offer the best conditions for birders. These are the best months of the year to explore a variety of birds not only resident birds but also migratory bird species. Regardless of the above, Meru National Park is always open for visitor exploration at any time of the year.

Getting to Meru National Park Kenya

By road: Your journey to Meru National Park can start from Nairobi city via Nyeri-Nanyuki route or take the Embu-Ura gate. By air travel: Set off using daily scheduled flights from Nairobi to Elsa Kopje’s airstrip, Mulika, or Kina airstrips.

Accommodation in Meru National Park Kenya

The popular accommodation choices in and around Meru National Park include budget, midrange, and luxury. For budget, they include Bwatherongi Bandas, Murera Bandas, campsites such as Kampi Baridi, Rojoweru, Mugunga, Kanjoo, Ken Mare. Midrange/standard lodges in Meru include Ikweta Safari Camp while luxury options include Leopard Rock Lodge, Rhino River Camp, Off Beat Campsite, Meru Mulika Lodge, Elsa’s Kopje Lodge, KINNA Guesthouse, and more.

Accommodation in Meru town for visitors to stay in include budget hotels such as Meru Slopes Hotel, Meru Three Steers Hotel, Blue Towers, Brown Rock Hotel, Alba Hotel, Hotel Royal Prince, Nevada Palace Hotel, West Wind Hotel Meru, and others.

Within Meru town, there are several areas of interest other than visiting Meru National Park including Meru Museum, Njuri Ncheke, Rukunga private museum, Gakoromone open-air market, Lake Nkunga picnic site, and others.